homelessness: poem

homelessness is when you don’t have a house. but it doesn’t mean you don’t have a job. homelessness is getting worse we need to help!!!

There’s ha man living on the streets

He is cold

He is lonely

He is scared

He is very very sad

He is very very mad

He is sleeping on the street

He can’t feel his feet.

How will we help these people in need?

We can make shelters an give them food or socks.

they need are help!!!

3 thoughts on “homelessness: poem

  1. Hi Jaben, I really enjoyed reading your poem. You put thought and care as you wrote about the state of homelessness which plagues our planet. As a global community, we do need to do more to combat the growing number of men, women, and children who are forced to live on the streets. The part where you said, “homelessness is when you don’t have a house. but it doesn’t mean you don’t have a job,” is truly profound! People are under the impression that if a person is homeless that individual is not working. Sadly, this is furthest from the truth. Many individuals and/or families do work but their income is so far below the poverty line they cannot afford a place to live. The world needs more young people such as yourself to bring awareness to an issue that impacts the entire world. Continue to create such meaningful poems and sharing them with the world.

    • hello Taissa.
      thanks for commenting on my blog. I think homelessness is horrible, to fix it we need to build more shelters.
      come to my blog at my blog and visit my class mates blogs.
      Over and out,

  2. Hi Jaben, thank you for replying to me. I have commented on three other blogs and I will take your advice and look at all of them and comment on some of their posts. I do agree with you we do need more shelters and resources to help the homeless population. I look forward to reading my of your blogs, continue write!

    Over and out!

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