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Zoom! Connor McDavid is one of the fastest players in the the NHL. He is also one best NHL players over all in the 2017/18 season. So if he gets a breakaway it’s a 99% chance he’ll score and if he scores he cellies.  A celly is when after a goal the player throws their hands in the air or slides on the ice. Connor McDavid is 20 years old and he has played for the Edmonton Oilers all his career, since 2015. Connor squeezed 100 points out of the 2016/17 season.

Connor McDavid

Creative Commons License Connor Mah via Compfight

Connor McDavid is creative because he makes up his own dekes and dangles around every one. McDavid thinks outside the box to get around players, which allows him to get the shot away. He is also one of the best at passing because he knows where everyone is on the ice, he doesn’t need to look to pass so the other team doesn’t expect it.

McDavid is a risk taker because he is always going hard to the net. In his first season in the NHL he got slammed into the boards and broke his collarbone while going hard to the net. But he is still going hard to the net today and that is how he gets most of his goals.

McDavid is strategic because he works smart by practicing hard and playing harder. He also watches plays that he did to help him to see what he did right and what he did wrong and to improve as a player.

Some of the things we can learn from McDavid is to have perseverance and never give up because that helps you to succeed.  Sometimes taking risks makes you get better.

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