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Eyes on Target

In this picture I see a snowy day, where the air is crisp and clear.  I Imagine the only thing you can hear is a quiet crunch, crunch, crunch from the lynxe’s soft paws. I wonder where he’s come from? Where he’s going? I wonder if he’s done this route before? Or if other lynx have done it before?

I want to know what you see?

Sincerely Jaben.


5 thoughts on “The Cat

  1. Hello, Jaben
    This feline is super cute! I like how you mentioned the soft crunch of the lynx’s feet in the snow, and how you added a lot of questions at the end. I think that the lynx has went that root before because you can see a little trail that he is following. My favorite part about the lynx is the little scruffs on the tops of there ears. What is your favorite part about lynx’s? Also why did you decide to make a post about the lynx? Goodbye and have a nice day!
    Sincerely, Abbey

  2. Hey Abbey,
    My favorite thing about the lynx is the staring eyes. I found the lynx when I was looking for a photo of a snowy mountain, But the lynx came up and I liked the photo so boom I choice it.
    goodbye now,
    Sincerely Jaben,

  3. Hi Jaben,
    I really like the picture you chose for the picture post. I think that the lynx has used that path before because there is a trail in the direction he is walking. my favorite part of the lynx is how stealthy it is but I also like the little patch of fur on there ears. have a nice day,

  4. Hi Jaben, what a beautiful cat, I don’t think I would like to meet him on a snowy trail😬 I think a lynx could run way faster than me‼️

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