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Hello world.

My name is Jaben, I am 11 years old and in grade 6. I live in Comox, B.C. Canada. It’s a really good place to live because there are forests all around.

I like sports. My favorite sport is mountain biking. It is a great place to live if you like mountain biking because Cumberland is one of the best places to mountain bike in the world, I think! I enjoy playing baseball as well, but I like to watch hockey. I like soccer too and I play every lunch and recess at school. I also do taekwondo and I have a green belt, working on blue stripe. My next test is coming up in November, by then I should have my blue stripe.

I like mountain biking and fishing with my Dad, and basketball with my 10 year old sister (because she’s easy to beat). Mom and I like playing geography games. We all like water sports. This summer we did knee boarding, wakeboarding and tubing, they are a lot of fun. If you get the chance to you should try them.

I’ve listed a few of my favorite sports, what are yours?

~See you soon, Jaben

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  1. Hello Jaben!
    I am Ethan from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Austin Texas.
    I saw that you commented on my blog and decided to come and check out yours! My dad is from Canada and I have visited many times. It is a beautiful place. I see that you like mountain biking and I have wanted to get into the sport for some time now. The only problem is that I need a new bike. I also like to play soccer and my favorite position is goalkeeper. I also would like to know if you know any French. I am taking a French class but I know that French is Canada’s official language. I do not know very much so far because we just started this year.

    If you’d like to visit my blog, I’m at


    • Hello Ethan, I’m Jaben
      Where in Canada have you been? I live in BC which is on the West Coast. I live on Vancouver Island which has the largest concentration of black bears in North America. Vancouver Island also held one of the biggest non nuclear explosion when they blew up ripple rock in 1958. I don’t know any French except hello (bonjour) and counting to 5, most people in BC don’t speak French.
      Sincerely Jaben

    • Hi daniel im jaben,
      i’ve always wanted to go surfing i’ve herd that California is A good place to surf have you bean there.

  2. Hi Jaben!
    I learned so much about you in this post. You do a lot! Are you on a soccer team, or do you just play at school?
    It sounds like you have different things you enjoy doing with each individual person in your family, and things you like doing all together. That’s so cool you get to connect with everyone through something where you can move and have fun together.
    Are you planning to join the basketball team at school later this year? I am. I’m on the volleyball and cross country teams too, and I do dance and theatre outside of school.
    Happy blogging!

    • Hi Gabi, thanks for commenting on my blog.
      I do not play soccer outside of school. This year I am going to join the basketball team, but I’m not sure if I’m going to do that good because I am not the biggest kid in the world. But on the other hand, I’m probably not the smallest either. I run cross country also. I ran last year too.

  3. Hey Jaben,
    I learned a lot more about you after reading this post. I notice you like to do taekwondo and mountain bike. I’m testing for a new belt as well in November. Not the same as yours tho, I’m testing for a green belt one lower then you. I’ve tried the cross country but it’s not my thing, good luck on future races!
    Bye now,

    • Hi Trey, it’s Jaben
      I’m in the higher class on Wednesday now, it go’s all the way up to black belt! i,m not that good at cross-country, I’ve never even got top ten!!!
      sincerely Jaben

  4. Hi Jaben,
    What is knee boarding? I had fun reading your post. I also like to play soccer a lot. I also like basketball as well. I don’t have anyone to play against though. I don’t do taekwondo. How many belts are there?

  5. Hello Jaben
    I sometimes go mountain biking, I also like playing basketball and soccer, in soccer I like kicking the ball and running, in basketball I like dunking and dribbling the ball, What is your favorite thing to do in basketball and soccer?
    I used to be in kick boxing and I was a green belt but I left because I already new how to do everything.
    I like going tubing to its so much fun.
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Nathan

    • Hay Nathan,
      In basketball I like deking, dribbling and shooting.In soccer I like shooting (even though I can’t) and cherry picking ( even though no one likes it)

      Sincerely Jaben

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