homelessness: poem

homelessness is when you don’t have a house. but it doesn’t mean you don’t have a job. homelessness is getting worse we need to help!!!

There’s ha man living on the streets

He is cold

He is lonely

He is scared

He is very very sad

He is very very mad

He is sleeping on the street

He can’t feel his feet.

How will we help these people in need?

We can make shelters an give them food or socks.

they need are help!!!


Christmas Bokeh Travis Leech via Compfight









hello bloggers

Today am talking about Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday because you get to give and receive gifts. But there are some weird things about Christmas. Like why do you decorate a tree? why do you get and give gifts. before lights you jest lit your tree on fire. At Christmas I don’t get to much presents but I say “it is fun to give presents because you get to see there face light up”.

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