My Poems

Hello bloggers

Today I’m sharing some poems that I wrote

Our Forest

The calm, quiet wind
Brushing through the trees
The small chickadee chirping happily
The great maple’s leaves opening up,
like the first spring flowers opening in the morning sun
The happy little voices of kids playing outside
The small little fern opening up
Full of joy


A thick cloud of dust trailed behind the rear tire of the bike
The rush of adrenaline thick in his veins
His muscles tensed
The fear of pain washing away
His eyes as sharp as a eagle
His smell as swift as a hound
Screech the bike comes to a halt
And the rider says
“I think I could ride on forever”.

and this is my favorite poem


The wind howling through the trees
The dark, sleek sky
The trees like iron bars keeping me in
Creaking trees
snapping branches
The small ferns curling up in the storm
All the birds singing with a fearful trill
It looks like I’m trapped

and this is my last post as sad as it sounds bye bye for the last time

Over and out,

Jaben(:  (:  (:  !!!


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