Death In Space: death by monster


Drip, drip. Joey was exploring a cave on a planet in outer space. He was looking at a crystal when he herd a bang, bang, bang. A huge monster stepped out! It was a big purple spider like creature. Joey quickly puled out his gun and shot the monster but it bounced off the monster. Joey was so scared that he shot him self. 


Where I Live

 Hello bloggers. 

Today I’ll be talking about where I live. I live in Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada. It’s made up of three towns that are Comox, Courtenay and Cumberland. There are lots of things to do in the Comox Valley.  Here are some of them.  

The Comox Valley is surrounded by the Beaufort mountain range.  One of the mountains is more popular than the others, its called Mt Washington.  Many people go skiing and snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking in the summer.  There is also great hiking there at Paradise Meadows. 

The Comox Valley is also surrounded by ocean. Sometimes me and my Dad go fishing. We usually don’t catch anything but  it’s fun anyways. There are also lots of beaches.  People can kayak, swim, walk their dogs, and build sand castles.  My favorite beach is Goose Spit because I like kayaking there. 

The Comox Valley is home to lots of forests, there’s one right behind my school that’s called the North East Woods.  In the forests you can go for hikes, go for bikes rides, walk your dogs and go geocaching.  Geocaching is where people hide boxes with stuff in them and you try to find them by using a GPS app.


There’s also lots of other sports in the Comox Valley. There’s hockey, tennis, gymnastics, soccer, lacrosse and lots of others.  Here are some of the sports that I do: taekwondo, baseball, basketball and biking. My favorite sport is mountain biking, I think Cumberland bike trails are the best trails in Canada.   

I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. 

Come and visit!  

Over and out, Jaben