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Hello bloggers,

Basketball is one of my favorite sports. Lots of people play it because all you really need is a ball. I have a basketball net in my front yard I play basketball occasionally but when I do I usually stay out for a while. When I play I usually just shoot hoops unless someone’s over then I play 21.

My favorite NBA team is the Golden State Warriors. What’s yours?  I think their best player is Stephen Curry, Steph Curry for short.  He’s number 30 and has played there for a number of years.  He has helped them win two NBA Championships in 2014/15 and 2016/17.

I’m hoping that I can play basketball at school this year because its a lot of fun to play although I’m pretty small and not that good. That’s all for now and see you soon.

Over and out.



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One thought on “Basketball

  1. Jaben,
    I’m glad you see that even if you’re not the best player you can have fun at basket ball. I think even though you might be small you could still play basketball well. Playing at school this year could give you some new skills to work on and consistent play time which will help you improve. I hope you do join and enjoy the team aspect of the game.

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