The Yankees' Aaron Judge awaits a pitch in the seventh.
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Hi Bloggers, it’s Jaben

Baseball is my favorite sport,  I like watching and playing it. I hope to be on a team this year.

Baseball is a team sport that you are trying to hit the ball out of the park.  If you do, you get to go around all the bases, and everyone on a base gets to go too.  Every player that passes home plate gets a point for their team.

When one team is batting the other is catching and trying to get three players out.  To get an out you have to either get three strikes, catch the ball before it hits the ground, get the ball to the base before the player does, or just tag him out.

There are nine innings and an inning ends once both teams have pitched and got three players out.

sincerely Jaben


2 thoughts on “Baseball

  1. Hi Jaben, I like baseball too. My dad and I throw the ball around a bit and practice batting sometime at the park. Baseball is a fun sport you can play with friends. Which baseball team is your favourite?
    Sincerely, Jackson

    • Hi Jackson
      my favorite MLB team is the New York Yankees, ya my Dad insist that happy about it thou. what’s your favorite team?
      Thanks for commenting on my blog,
      Come back soon,
      Over and out,

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