Everybody's Sun
John Westrock via Compfight


It’s the middle of the day

sun shining bright

but it is as dark as night

The moons in the way

it’s blocking the sun

the solar eclipse has just begun

The time is passing

minute by minute

the solar eclipse is just at its limit

The sun’s coming back

second by second

then when it’s done

it’s back to the sun


3 thoughts on “Eclipse

  1. Hi Jaben ,
    did you see the eclipse a while back did you watch it. did you get the special eclipse glasses so you don’t burn your eyes when you look at it. your poem was great and filled with detail. did you set up for the eclipse?
    sincerely Gavin

  2. Hey Jaben,
    I liked your poem about the eclipse. I could feel the slow progression as the shadow crossed the sun. I thought you really captured the essence of what what its like to experience an eclipse.
    Who knew you were a poet?
    You’ll have to try another poem.
    Grandpa Don

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